08.03.18 – The Tooth Fairy

Who knew that dogs teeth are similar to human teeth in the way they develop from baby teeth to adult teeth?! I never knew until we got Logan. Within the past 4 days, he has lost 4 premolars (we think). I managed to save 3, of which I’m going to keep in a little box. Nate doesn’t get why I get so excited about collecting his teeth, but I think they are fascinating. Yes, I admit I’m a bit of an odd bod 😂

I find myself studying the shape and size of them. Who knows, maybe the tooth fairy will come and exchange them for a treat. I don’t think I’ll put it under Logans pillow. They might have disappeared by the morning, but probably because he has eaten them. Honestly, he will eat anything. I’ve witnessed him gobble up a small ball of his own fur, fresh off his own back today. Yuck! Strange doggy!

So far what I’ve collected. 😁

I’m sooooo glad the snow has gone. I’m hoping we are not expecting any more quite like what we have experienced this winter. The only parts I liked about it was that Logan clearly loved it. Jumping into the deepest pile of snow he could find. He loved to dig his little nose in and flick it up in the air. He was pretty funny to watch. I also love how it brings out the best in people. I was very kindly pushed up a hill when driving back home last week. I heard stories of neighbours helping the elderly, owners of 4×4’s taking NHS staff to work and kind hearted individuals handing out food and drink to those stranded in the snow. Shout out to my family in America where I’ve heard it’s hit. Stay safe guys!

Fun in the snow.

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