11.07.2018 – Slow Progress

I’m having one of those days where I want to get up and head straight to the gym. I fancy doing a workout but I know that it won’t benefit me in anyway possible. I’m still repairing, sore and feeling sleepy. It hasn’t helped looking on Instagram and coming across such fit, confident and beautiful people.

I went shopping a few days ago and felt sore after that! This is taking time but I’m not going to stop trying. I might try swimming so I’ll need to get a swimming suit at the ready.

The surgery has really knocked my confidence because of the scars and not being able to keep up. I’ve really wanted to help around the house which I’ve been trying to do, but I end up exhausted and in pain again. It takes time, this is all worth it I keep telling myself. I’ve had such a big operation so I sure need to focus on rest and recovery. At least my liver is working well. My mum said yesterday, ‘the engine works, it’s now the body work to focus on’.

Scar update:

I’ve had another abscess in the center of my tummy. It’s had to be drained again hence the larger mark. Im hoping it will start to fade along with the rest. Despite that, it all looks so neat. 😊

Any advice please for keeping active or to improve my confidence please. I know it will all improve once I’m feeling 100%.

Im getting help from friends and family to keep positive. There are others so much worse off. Katie Piper is an inspiration to me. I think I might have to read one of her books.

Oh and btw, It’s coming home! 😂

15 thoughts on “11.07.2018 – Slow Progress

  1. Hi Olivia
    This is Sally from TORBAY Hospital. You are an amazing girl so keep positive all will be good in the end. I sort of understand how you feel as I am facing a hip replacement very soon. After months of decline in acitivity, not being able to lift my new grandson andnot being able to wear trendy shoes it really knocks your self image. Add to that complete horror of facing the surgery at least you have conquered that pretty depressing. You will regain strength and have plenty of time to build your life step by step so don’t rush. The future will bring good things and you have many talents. I bought myself an Apple Watch to monitor my fitness its my favourite toy. It goes in water so I swim lots to make up for lack of walking and gym. I find it encouraging and motivating when I feel tired and fed up. Keep going love Sally xxx

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    1. Sally!! Hi how are you? It’s so good to hear from you! I wish you all the best with your hip replacement. I’m sure once you have recovered then you’ll have more confidence than before. That’s what I’m trying to focus on as I haven’t been well for a few years now. I’m feeling so much better than before and looking forward to the future. I think I’m just worried about keeping myself healthy and fit. My body image should improve then I think.
      I can’t wait to see your trendy shoes back on!
      I’m hoping to take a trip to Torquay soon. I will let you know when I’m coming up. 😊.
      A fitness watch is a great idea. I was considering an Apple Watch. Do you put it in your pocket at work?
      I’ve got a Fitbit which I find useful. I’ve started tracking my steps each day which only reaches around 5,000 steps a day.
      I’m hoping to gradually increase them.
      Thanks for the message. Xx


  2. Patience is the key. You cant expect to be doing one armed push ups this early. It took me almost 9 months to add a few extra pounds of whttps://oliviaamyprice.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/11-07-2018-slow-progress/?replytocom=142#respondeights on the machines to avoid hurting myself or a hernia. Take it slow and your looking great. ! Cheers from Winnipeg , Canada !

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      1. Try using an adjustable bench like this at first and slowly lower the back rest for sit ups. As you gain strength in your abs you can add some weights by holding on to a dumbell at your chest as you do a situp. then increase to a regular situp as you gain strength. You don’t want to get an incisional hernia by overdoing it… https://www.sportchek.ca/product/332005196.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1teKo9eX3AIVGLjACh2hgwGTEAQYByABEgISMvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CLOXy8TXl9wCFUGrAQodkFAJ_w#332005196=332005197


  3. Hi Olivia,

    I imagine that waiting for a liver and finally having the operation would create a wide range of emotions. Relief that it’s over and disappointed that you don’t feel instantly better.

    You look so beautiful, your scars will heal and fade, (not that they look bad to me ) and you have the rest of your life to enjoy in good health. Just be patient for a little while longer, you’re living proof that everything comes to those who wait.

    Elaine x

    P.S. I agree it’s coming home tonight 😉

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  4. Remember how far you’ve come. Considering the alternatives you have done amazingly well already. Remember that you are still young and have time to do stuff ahead of you. Set yourself small achievable goals so that you don’t disappoint yourself. Be patient. You know as a nurse how long healing can take. Being tired is your body asking for rest to heal. You are beautiful inside and out already. Here ends the sermon from Katie! 😊 😘


  5. Hello Olivia,

    You must tell yourself that you have come so far and done so well, we feel that if you a patient you will get your full health back.., keep reminding yourself how far you have come, be proud and remember no gym yet … perhaps a gentle swim .
    Lots of love Carol and Mark xx

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    1. Yes you are right. My mum has suggested a gentle bike ride. I think that might be a good idea.
      No I won’t risk the gym yet. Maybe 6months post op I’ll consider it.
      I’ve been doing a bit more walking


  6. Hi Olivia. I hope you’re starting to feel better, your confidence will grow as you improve and feel fitter.
    Try to make the most of your time while you can and don’t push for too much too soon. Love Tricia W-J xx

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