After a long weekend of waiting around for Monday to come, i felt a bit more up beat.
I felt pretty sleepy that morning but as soon as I noticed that I had been detached from the ng feed.. It immediately woke me and put me in a better mood.
I slurped down half a mug of luke warm tea and grabbed my clothes together for a shower. Once I had finished getting ready, I just sat and waited for the drs to come round. I started on my first supplement drink of the day amd documented it as soon as I had finished. I had been taken off the ng feed, hopefully for good, so i was making sure that i had written proof that i was attempting to gain weight. I was starting to get used to the ng feed but the plaster on my face and tube itself was proving to be awkward. I wasn’t keen on the fact that I was almost being force fed. I knew it was for my own good but I just would rather eat what I wanted but least I had stopped throwing up everything I ate.

About 40 mins later, the consultant and team of 3 drs came over and asked me how I was doing. I made it clear that i was feeling better than i had done for a while, asked to have the tube taken out of my nose and possibly allowed to go on day release..?
The consultant offered to let me go at 2 PM and to return early evening. Yes!!!!

Time away off the ward was just what myself and Mark needed. We both lay in bed all day watching tv and loved every minute of it. Everything was perfect and it helped us feel more ready for the transfer from Torquay to Birmingham. As soon as I left, I was smiling all the way back to the hospital. I slept much better that night. 🙂

As soon as I got back onto the ward, I noticed that there was a new patient in the bed opposite me. She seemed to be moaning about everything which made me realise how well I had coped with all the pain and suffering I had gone through. Well, I shouldn’t really be thinking that as I didn’t know why she was there and what she had been through. Still I felt that I had stayed pretty strong and positive regardless.

My mum came to visit soon after and sat down with me whilst I ate my supper of tuna salad, tomato soup and bread. I told her that I felt much happier about everything today. Just generally more confident.
I offered to help her organise some of my clothes to minimise all that needed to go home. We decided that I should get my car and give it a clean before my sister and dad drive up to pack it with the remainder of my stuff. At least then it’s ready to load.
So tomorrow would be another day of waiting around for a response from Birmingham. I was hoping that I’d get an answer soon….


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