24.10.18 – Birmingham Mail Story

Well I don’t know where to start! This week has been busy so far. I’ve had NHSBT Ambassador training, Liver Clinic appointment, Birmingham Mail story came up and therapy session. I’m so tired now. NHSBT training was an afternoon of going through key information regarding organ donation, what is expected of me and how to […]

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21.10.18 – Recovery

It’s hard to know in recovery what your body is capable of. Ive always been one to push myself and want to do as much as I can. I started the Couch 2 5K really enjoying it. I didn’t find it easy, but I was managing to follow the plan. 3 weeks later, I started […]

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17.10.18 – Navaratri

Isn’t it great to have someone come up to you and tell you how much of an inspiration you are! This happened to me on Saturday night at an Indian festival called Navaratri. Lots of comments were made about my blog and how much they love reading it. How amazing is that! Thank you for […]

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15.10.18 – NHSBT

Ive just been sorting my stuff out ready to move back into my flat in Birmingham. Ive been living with my parents since my transplant, during recovery period. Well, I never expected to feel this well, i’m still improving! Now that ive shown I can manage by myself, im good to go. My offical move date […]

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12.10.18 – Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Now that I’ve had my transplant, this could be a good time to look into insurance and policies to cover myself and family for now and the future. Following World Mental Health Day earlier this week, i thought i’d briefly touch on life cover and MH.  Life cover is a term used to describe life insurance […]

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05.10.18 – Proud Daughter

A few months ago, my Dad took part in a bike ride to raise money for a Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity called Liver Foundation UK. This is the hospital in which I had my liver transplant at, so we thought it would be a good idea to give something back after all the hospital […]

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03.10.18 – Vaccinations

I want to go away on holiday again! After I’ve realized what all the hype is about, following years of not being able to travel, I’m craving another holiday. After all, I deserve it, right? 🙈 I contacted a friend to see if she wanted to go away in December. She said she had already […]

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