30.09.18 – On a Hike

For some unknown reason, I agreed to walk up a big hill in Shropshire called The Wrekin. My mum does it most Tuesday evenings so I thought I’d walk it again after 2 years. 2/3rds of the way up, I was contemplating on stopping and letting the others continue to the top, then meet back […]

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17.09.18 – Couch to 5K

Disclaimer: Exercising should be approved by your Dr following any major surgery or injury. I have been deemed safe by my Consultant to exercise with exceptions. I’ve been struggling at work recently due to freeing tired after a few hours. I’m having to sit down for a few minutes every so often which isn’t easy […]

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12.09.18 – Bolton

6 months post op! Already?! Yep I can’t believe it either. Well, to others it’s gone really fast, to me, really slowly. Each day during the first few months really dragged as I just wanted to feel better. I’d try and plan as much as I can knowing I could. It’s really made me push […]

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