A busy week has passed. First weekend at home in a month! Home is now with my parents until I’m stable and back up fighting fit. I was discharged late on Friday after waiting around for my drugs to take home.  Surely it doesn’t usually take 5 hours for them to be dispensed and delivered […]

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21/11/14 – A Quiet Weekend

So.. I’m moved out of my side room into a four bedded bay. This didn’t bother me because I wasn’t so shut away. At least it was a bit more sociable. All my belongings were shifted over across the corridor from bed 6 to bed 8. I informed family and friends of my new location […]

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So I guess there was nothing expected to happen regarding my assessment that day. I was just briefly seen by a Dr who I had met a couple of times before as an inpatient.  He literally just asked me if I was alright. There really wasn’t anything else to mention… I had started chatting to […]

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