30.07.18 – Urgent Bloods?!

I’ve been so busy these last few days and I’m still repairing around the area of where the abscess kept cropping up. The extra energy and running around has caused me feel to feel sore and exhausted. I had to rely on one Tramadol a day to get me through the Wedding of my cousin, […]

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15.07.18 – Lost in a Story

I’m in the car on the way to Amersham, located north west London for my great uncles funeral. He was a wine connoisseur and wrote books about it. I didn’t see him as much as I wish I had. One of Freddys Books. This one written with his wife. I’ve packed a bag to stay […]

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11.07.2018 – Slow Progress

I’m having one of those days where I want to get up and head straight to the gym. I fancy doing a workout but I know that it won’t benefit me in anyway possible. I’m still repairing, sore and feeling sleepy. It hasn’t helped looking on Instagram and coming across such fit, confident and beautiful […]

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