18.03.18 – In Theatre

So here I am!!! Sitting here with a new Liver! I still can’t actually believe that this has happened. To have been waiting and not really believing it will happen any time soon. And then be called, still telling yourself that it may not go ahead incase it doesn’t. I have learned that through these […]

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08.03.18 – The Tooth Fairy

Who knew that dogs teeth are similar to human teeth in the way they develop from baby teeth to adult teeth?! I never knew until we got Logan. Within the past 4 days, he has lost 4 premolars (we think). I managed to save 3, of which I’m going to keep in a little box. […]

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01.03.18 – Mind Full or Mindful?

What words pop into your head when you think of mindfulness? De-stress, focus, awareness? The act of mindfulness has been something that’s helped me a lot over the past few years. The ability to stop, take a breath, de-stress and just getting on with it, really can make a huge difference. I was discussing mindfulness […]

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03.2018 – The Call

Oh my gosh! I have to write this quickly because I’m about to go down for my transplant. I was called around 18:45. The liver I will receive is from a young donor. It’s a DBD donor (Brain stem death) which is the best kind. I’m in good hands and the surgeon performing the surgery […]

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