15.04.17 – Easter

Chocolate has really never been my thing but i’m going to look into a healthier easter alternative. I still live and breathe a healthy lifestyle and have improved on my cooking skills, but give it a year or so until you can expect an invite to dinner. Ill upload a photo and recipe on what i come up with in regards to the easter treats… or ill just give everyone a boiled egg!

Im still keeping as active as i can, working hard without feeling so drained. In the past when ive tried to maintain my gym routine, its always had to stop after a couple of months due to inadequate energy and/or fuel. This time ive kept it up for longer as ive learned how to maintain the balance. 

I’ve secured a new job which is taking me one step closer to my dream of becoming a Transplant Co-ordinator!! I’m so excited to start, but I’m saddened by colleagues I’ll be leaving behind. They have all been great supporters and have been very understanding of my condition and needs e.g. ensuring im taking regular breaks and keeping up with my tablet routine. They will all be greatly missed, but have promised them that I’ll still keep in contact. 😀

Picked this up from IKEA earlier on in the week. Still yet to try it. I have been taking probiotics for a while as recommended by my dietician. They have really helped improve my digestive issues.

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