30.07.18 – Urgent Bloods?!

I’ve been so busy these last few days and I’m still repairing around the area of where the abscess kept cropping up. The extra energy and running around has caused me feel to feel sore and exhausted. I had to rely on one Tramadol a day to get me through the Wedding of my cousin, the evenings out and hospital trips. The surgeons are not happy for me to stay on them long term, so they have put me on a low dose of codeine instead.

Sisters 😊

Myself and immediate family.

I’m trying to build up my strength over the last few days by drinking my protein shakes (Fortisips) x3 a day. There was a bit of a jump in my bloods, so the transplant coordinators called me in for urgent bloods the next day. I had plans to go to London that day to see my cousins beautiful baby (Suri). She’s only a week old 😍. I’m sure I’ll get a chance to see her soon. I’m back in London on Friday so I’ll get chance then.

Family and Suri.

Suri – She’s so beautiful. Only 9 days old.

Luckily my blood results were returning to normal when I had them repeated. Funnily enough, there was no explanation for why my Liver Function Tests were deranged. As long as they are alright now, I’m happy. I’ll need to stay focused on keeping well now that I’m back to work part time. ☺️

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