12.09.18 – Bolton

6 months post op! Already?! Yep I can’t believe it either. Well, to others it’s gone really fast, to me, really slowly. Each day during the first few months really dragged as I just wanted to feel better. I’d try and plan as much as I can knowing I could. It’s really made me push myself and want to do as much as I physically can. I might have been over doing it recently, and I definitely feel it when I have. Luckily the pain has mostly gone, it’s just the energy to come now.

I celebrated 6 month by heading to Bolton to see a few family friends that I became close to during my cousins wedding in July. Now that I’m more confident in myself, happier and willing to get to know people, I’m able to develop new friendships. The family I went to visit is of my mums cousins. I was so well looked after and felt very welcome. They had planned a weekend for me, packed full of fun stuff. We went out for dinner to meet more family, then drinks after. The day after went to play crazy golf ⛳️ and had dinner together. Luckily the weather wasn’t that bad. It rained a bit, but was dry when we went out. Good timing 😁.

Thank you all for such an amazing time! I will be back again soon.

I had an appointment on Monday afternoon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They seemed happy with my progress and mentioned that feeling tired still was normal. At least it’s nothing to worry about then 😊

Here’s to the next 6 months! My goal right now is to increase my working hours from 11 to 16. I better get saving my energy then.

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