08.10.18 – Does Coffee Cause Dehydration?

I drink sooooo much tea, and more recently I’ve added a daily coffee to my intake, just because I need a morning boost. I wouldn’t say I’m one of those who say that they “can’t function” without coffee….yet. 🙈 Ooops

When it comes to tea and coffee, many of us believe that it dehydrates us, but does it?

I was recommended to drink at least 2.5 litres of fluid daily post transplant by one of the liver transplant co-ordinators, but this does not include coffee. The reason for this,

Drinking enough fluids, especially water, helps your body stay well hydrated. Drinking the right amount of fluids for your needs after transplant is important in maintaining good organ function. The joints and tissues of your body and organs need plenty of fluid to work properly. The skin, your largest organ, becomes less elastic and more easily damaged if you are not taking in enough fluids. Getting the right amount of fluids is very important for transplant patients. Each type of organ transplant has different fluid needs. (‘International Transplant Nurses Society, Diet and Exercise after Transplant’ booklet)

Like most of us, i always thought that coffee dehydrates us, however there are a number of studies that have proved that this isn’t the case. In 2014, Sophie Killer at Birmingham University UK, who not only measured the volume of urine, but tested their blood for signs of kidney function as well as calculating the total amount of water in the body. The men in the study drank four cups of coffee a day, far more than the average coffee-drinker. Yet there was no evidence they were any more dehydrated than those who drank water alone.

So although we might notice needing the loo more when we’ve been drinking coffee, the mistake is basing our observations on a comparison with the time we’ve drunk nothing, not with a similar amount of water. If you chose a glass of water instead of a cup of tea, you’d probably see the same effect. (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140402-are-coffee-and-tea-dehydrating)

Just a quick reminder though, don’t forget about the caffeine content!!

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