11.11.18 – Remembrance Day

Today we celebrate 100 years since the end of WW1. Myself and many held a two min silence to remember those who fought for us, risked their lives, died fighting for our country and those still doing so today. I headed downstairs from the ward, for the Remembrance Day service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. The Military were there, along with their band, spectators and ex army personnel. Unfortunately I couldn’t really see much, but I stood to watch as much as I could, said hello to one of the military nurses I knew from uni, and went back upstairs to the ward.

– Poppies decorated around the hospital.

Yes I’m still here. Bored out of my mind and a bit fed up now. The Drs wanted to keep me in until my bloods stabilise. Instead of a CT scan, I had an MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography). This scan is done using an MRI, but concentrates on the biliary and pancreatic ducts. It took a bit longer than usual as they noticed some interference from somewhere. In the end, it was my belly button piercing which I had forgotten to take out. Oops! 😂

Results came back within a few hours, and they decided that it was just a case of mild rejection. The immunosuppressant drug levels in my blood were a bit up and down. They just need to adjust the drug until I’m stable enough to go home. Soo, no drama! It’s all good as I thought. I’m looking forward to getting back to normality. What I thought would be an overnight stay, has nearly been a week. 🤦🏻‍♀️. At least I came prepared 😁.

– Putting my Unicorn feet up. 😁. Time to rest up.

– Working on my Iris that I started in August. I’ll aim to get it finished but the time I’m discharged.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit, called and messaged with kind words. Even if I know how much support I have, I’m always overwhelmed and reminded how lucky I am.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 😘

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, so that they support your decision. Thank you!

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