01.07.19 – Hospital Visits

I’m back in hospital, not as an inpatient, but visiting friends. One went home a couple of weeks ago, the other a few days ago. I ended up bumping into one friend during my last clinic appointment. She’s doing incredibly well. I was very surprised on how well she looked too. This is the girl who’s husband gave half his liver to her. She was told that she may need another transplant, but luckily they were able to save the liver and perform a different operation.

I had a routine liver appointment a couple of weeks ago for bloods and see the dr. When I was called to see the dr, all I spoke about was my pain. It’s still there, still irritates me, frustrates me day in day out. Luckily I have an appointment with the pain team at the end of this month and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it! I know that if I was able to get rid of the pain, I’d be the most active person around. I’ve got so much I want to do but my body won’t quite let me do so yet. I don’t want to have to take so much pain relief, but I’m hoping I can get some improvement in how I’m feeling. 🤞🏼. I’ve increased hours at work and definitely feeling it. 😥. I’m keeping myself going and staying as positive as I can. I’m pushing to the limit and focusing on work. I have so many dreams and have done for such a long time. It’s been my health that’s stopped me. I won’t let it get in the way, even if it means I have to admit that this pain may be ongoing.

I had a call from the one of the Liver Drs recently to tell me that my bloods have never been so good! I must be doing something right 🤗

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3 thoughts on “01.07.19 – Hospital Visits

  1. I am so pleased your bloods have improved Olivia. I hope they sort your pain relief.
    I had a phone call from my doctor today asking for more blood in the morning!

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