26.03.22 – Liver – versary

Its been 4 years since my transplant! Can you believe that? I ended up looking after my first split liver transplant patient on the day of my Liver-versary a couple of weeks ago. It was an honour to do so. I didn’t end up telling the patient about what the day meant to me but I felt so thankful to be part of his recovery.

We can all agree that these last few years have been eventful to say the least. Its been difficult for us all full of ups and downs. The last couple of days have been a load of crap. Everything was 100x worse than it actually is. Too much time spent overthinking and over analysing but a positive mindset produces positive things. That’s what we all want from life so that is to be engrained on my mind. Jay Shetty’s podcasts have been helpful, along with my little kitten, friends and family. Pet therapy is definitely legitimate.

Henry was born in September and arrived into my life in November 2021. He’s a ragdoll and has a beautiful personality. With everyone he meets, he captures their heart. He’s my little side kick. He follows my side all day, every day.

Peep-ohhhh cutie!

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Olivia x

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