05.04.22 – Covid Negative, Mindset Positive

Yes finally. Im negative! Can I get a woop, woop!!

Im starting to get my energy back, motivation and drive. I needed that time to be off to get back on track with… life! I had one of those ‘step back, check yourself, what are you doing with your yourself’ moments. I felt so far from feeling my best. I felt lost and had fallen off the right track. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite work it out. I had started reading a new book this month called “You are a Badass” (cringe title I know, but its been helpful whilst being a nice easy read) by Jen Sincero which turned on a switch in my mind. I thought to myself, “How am I going to make that change. What will help guide me?”

I bought a new journal, I read another self help book and listened to podcasts (I recommend Jay Shetty) to give me a push. I delved deep and reviewed my goals and aspirations. Im now focusing on living in the present rather than the past or future. Journaling my dreams and visions and now and practicing daily gratitude.

This was a journey I had began at the beginning of last year. I was at my parents, a relationship had ended, it was the new year and I was told to shield for covid…. but.. I had my sisters and parents to support me. I had motivation and inspiration around me that helped lift my head up, built back up my self esteem and confidence. Im still learning to love myself, but know that there will always be times to criticise, compare and contrast. If I’m aware of the triggers and ways to change (distraction, daily affirmations and gratitude) then I’m much more likely to divert to a more positive outlook.

This quote helped kick start my incentive to get back on track. It’s been extracted from the book I’m currently reading, “The 5am Club” by Robin Sharma.

If you seek inspiration and motivation then I fully recommend it.

“Limitation is nothing more than a mentality that too many good people practice daily until they believe its reality. It breaks my heart to see so many potentially powerful human beings stuck in a story about why they can’t be extraordinary, professionally and personally. You need to remember that your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars and your doubts are thieves”


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