So I guess there was nothing expected to happen regarding my assessment that day. I was just briefly seen by a Dr who I had met a couple of times before as an inpatient.  He literally just asked me if I was alright. There really wasn’t anything else to mention…

I had started chatting to my new neighbours within the bay I had recently moved to. There was just one of the 3 patients who didn’t talk much asvshe was so weak and in so much pain. Her skin was so yellow and luminous. I wondered if I would end up looking like that. I guess it’s possible..?
The two other females seemed pretty happy to chat away about the reason why they were there. I was happy to share my story too. It was therapeutic to talk about what I was going through as they made me feel more at ease about my situation. They praised the hospital staff and Dr’s expertise after their experiences but I knew I was in the right place, however, It’s always nice to hear it from someone else.

I was expecting loads of visitors today, I couldn’t wait to see everyone. I had messages from my sisters, cousins and aunties. Some of which were travelling from London to see me. I was also keeping in touch with my dad as he was on the way to Torquay with one of my uncles delivery drivers. The van had been kindly offered to us as weren’t convinced my stuff would fit into 2 cars.


Visitors arrived and my bed space filled up. It was as if we were having a party! My auntie was handing out cups of indian chai that she had brought with her on the journey up. Gifts and cards were handed to me from all directions. I was overwhelmed!
When something happens in our family, we all seem to pull together despite how far away some of us live.

I had received messages from my colleagues, uncles, cousins and aunts from Torquay, America, Wales, Weymouth and London. The support was immense and really lifted my spirits.
Selfies were taken, goodbye hugs and kisses exchanged and they all left to go their separate ways.

I’m so lucky to have such an incredible, generous and supportive family. 



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