21/11/14 – A Quiet Weekend

So.. I’m moved out of my side room into a four bedded bay. This didn’t bother me because I wasn’t so shut away. At least it was a bit more sociable.
All my belongings were shifted over across the corridor from bed 6 to bed 8. I informed family and friends of my new location so that they could find me whilst letting Mark know the situation too. I always updated him as to what was going on. He was always free to talk on WhatsApp, and whilst we were so far away from each other, we kept in regular contact as much as possible.

The bay had a friendly warmth to it so i settled down quickly. I glanced around at the other patients and their visitors, and pondered as to which family members I was going to be visited by.
About an hour later, my cousin Anaeka and Harriet my sister arrived. They both arrived and greater me with a big smile looking all positive and full of energy as usual. This happy vibe definitely seemed to rub off on me. It kept my spirits up and ensured i always had a smile on my face.
We all chatted about recent events in each others lives whilst I updated them on the situation so far. I mentioned to them that I had a chest x ray, ultrasound, lung function test on Thursday. I had also been taken down for an echocardiogram today and seen by the consultant who mentioned that there wouldnt be much happening over the weekend, and that the assessment was to continue on Monday.

Another weekend to get through… I was suprised that I didn’t feel so frustrated to still be in hospital. Probably because I knew exactly what to expect. My research into the transplant assessment really paid off.


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