13/03/15 – Hospital Appointment

I attended one of my routine hospital appointments last week with Mark. They come around every 6 weeks and so far they have all had a similar outcome. So far so good.
There was one question in which I continue to ask which is whether I can be taken off the list as I feel healthier than I ever have before.
The Liver Team have discussed this with me during my previous appointment and said that I will be reviewed in 3 months time.
I’d love to be taken off the list, but I will probably worry about getting ill again. Im sure that will push me to continue to monitor my weight, exercise and eat a balanced diet.

This month I’ve been concentrating on sorting out work. I have 2 upcoming interviews at the end of the month so I have been gathering all relevant documents together into a file. One interview is for the same hospital my dad works for and the other is with an agency. Either job will be good enough for me.

Mothers day this weekend and my birthday on Thursday 19th so I’m going to plan what to do for that too. I’m 24 so I’m not doing anything special.  Spending time with friends, family and Mark is what I’ll probably do.


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