22.05.15 – Positive Energy

I seem to watch life go by as if I’m the only one with the time to stand back, stop and stare. Watching others continuing on with life as usual makes me want this transplant and recovery period out of the way even more. This time off has helped me to really reflect back on life as it used to be and how much I used to fit in with the little energy I had, especially during the run up to winter last year.

Now that the agency I wish to work with has received medical clearance from my gp and consultants from Q.E., I’m pretty much ready to start. I’m looking forward to get back to work and for life to feel a little more normal. I’ve just got to make sure I don’t over work myself but im sure my parents will have a close eye on me.

I’ve managed to stick to a routine of attending the gym 5 days a week since the beginning of the year. I’ve watch my body change in ways that I never thought were possible. I’ve packed on a good amount of muscle and weight after I was told to gain. They didnt ask me to get a six pack or anything, but hey im not far off one! Well, i believe its been a good way to keep myself busy, improve my body confidence and to gain weight in a healthy way.


2 thoughts on “22.05.15 – Positive Energy

  1. Well done Olivia you are a very remarkable person who is looking great. Perhaps your new career could be publishing your blog when your treatment is completed. Wishing you well, sorry I missed you in Torquay. Sue x


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