09.06.15 – Summer Time

Summer is here! We all wait for it all year,  the season comes but ends so quickly. It automatically improves moods, urges to have barbecues commence and the famous ‘beer garden weather’ saying is mentioned most weekends.

I’m currently in torquay nursing this awful headache which I’m trying to treat with pain relief. I’m only advised to take one paracetamol, rather than two as it’s not well tolerated by the liver.

Last weekend was a busy one. Friday at a beer festival which as much as I tried to enjoy, I didn’t. I was cold and wasnt feeling it, so we left to have drinks in town along with a couple of friends who decided it wasn’t for them either. I’m fine around others who drink but for obvious reasons I don’t join in. This event was purely for the beer and cider enthusiasts so I’m not suprised I didn’t enjoy it. I spent most of my time there staring into my god awful apple juice.

Saturday evening we were invited to a bbq which was the highlight of the weekend. We spent the evening telling hilarious stories around the patio chiminea. The food and company couldn’t have been better.

Hope you all had a great weekend… here are some photos from mine.



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