27/08/15 – Back to Work

Guess what!!

I have a job!!!! Finally!!!
I’ve applied for numerous jobs, completed numerous DBS checks and immunisation forms.
After being rejected so many times, I stayed strong and continued to search. I powered through endless amounts of information prior to the interviews, which clearly has now paid off.

I’ll be working close to home so I’ll be able to replace my savings I’ve had to live off this year and put towards a new car. I’m endlessly browsing online and looking at which one I may get, as if I have the funds already!

I’m really looking forward to starting now. I’ve been so desperate to get an A&E job. I used to love telling people what I did for a living. To have had to give it up, caused me months of distress. I cried many tears over how life used to be, but at least now I can finally look forward to my future ahead. 🙂

As most of you may know, I have an interest in weight training and healthy living.
To keep my knowledge up to date, I subscribe to and read Womens Health magazine.
Earlier this year I considered entering myself into a fitness competition to be crowned “The Body of 2015”.
In order to enter, you were to submit a written personal profile on what fitness means to you, along with a description of your diet and lifestyle. The most recent issue of Women’s Health features the finalists and I can’t help but regret not entering. I decided against it as I thought that being on the transplant list would have meant I couldn’t enter…. yet there was no harm in trying?!
Next year, I’ll go for it, new liver or not. I realise now that I need more self belief, so this will be something I can now work on.


The finalists.
For more information, visit – http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/magazine/the-body/

I recommend reading the finalists profiles. I think I could have been in with a chance!

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