18.02.16 – New Year…New Start

Happy new year.. sorry it’s late!

I thought it would be silly to abandon my blog as I’ve received so much support and feedback from it. It’s been great the response I’ve had from it all.

So to update you, I was taken off the liver transplant list in December as they had felt I was too well for one.
I’ve reduced the tablets I’m having to take and able to get on with my life without wondering when I’ll be called in.

A friend has had a liver transplant and is doing very well. Her fiance was fed up with the pain and suffering so offered part of his liver to her. There were a few minor complications but are both doing incredibly well and growing stronger day by day.

I’ve moved into a beautiful new city center apartment in Birmingham and currently in the process of doing it up. I’ve had so much help and support from my family so I haven’t had to lift a finger! Haha.

I’m building myself back up and mentally still a bit down in the dumps at times but im going two steps forward, one step back. It’s in the right direction at least.

Hope you are all well and here’s to a positive 2016!!!

Apartment montage


Building furniture- Dad-in-a-box


Mums birthday.


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