20/03/16 – Birthday Time

So it was my 25th birthday. I thought about how many years I had wasted over thinking about things that don’t matter too much in life. Mostly self image related and comparing myself to others. When the time spent on doing that could be used much more wisely. I could have lived more, experienced more, laughed more and gained more from life.

I felt confident about starting fresh at the new year but things didn’t go according to plan. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, right? So, here’s to now and being 25. I’ve been getting better and stronger physically and mentally every day with the support of my wonderful family. Without them I don’t know where I’d be.

I spent my 25th in hospital as I had a minor upper GI bleed. They couldn’t find where the bleeding had come from exactly but luckily it stopped after a few days. So Saturday 19th came and I honestly felt a bit sorry for myself being there on my birthday but as time went on, I managed to pick my self up and just think positively.
My family came round to visit, along with Harriets flat mate, Saffron. I managed to get the chance to go out for a few hours so headed straight to the Mailbox and had a meal at Strada. So all in all, yesterday was better than expected.

I’ll be discharged from hospital today. I’ve managed to use the spare time here to think over things…. in a positive way this time.

Happy Spring everyone!




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