04.01.2016 – Revalidation

I’m starting to focus on blogging more often as I have more energy, focus and drive to do more. So it seems things are coming together, and to say the least, i’m feeling much more positive these days.

The waiting game continues on returning to work, but i’m hoping to be back late Sept if all goes smoothly. Meanwhile, i have been busy working on my revalidation in order to continue practicing as nurse. Revalidation is a process wherby you’ll need to complete a portfolio and gather evidence on continuing professional development, feedback, hours of practice and writing up various reflection pieces.  I have also been volunteering for a charity which i have supported me throughout my journey with Biliary Atresia. Its such an honor to have the opportunity to work along side with Childrens Liver Disease Foundation. I am currently working on various topics that are more relevant to young adults such as advice on taking out insurance, holidays and storing medical documents. I’ve been learning more about the charity, liver disease and what the charity does in order to fund raise and support patients and their families. I hope to fill in the gaps and update some of their content on their website whilst proving to be of good use to them, as i will be able to provide them with information from a patients perspective.

My parents have now adopted a new cat but they are still warming to it. Its beautiful and my sisters and i are all hoping they decide to keep it. Its not doing itself any favors by escaping over the bank holiday weekend. It ended up finding its way back though, so it cant have gone too far. We have named it ‘Boy’ as we cant really decide on any other name and seems like a good temporary name for it until they decide on whether to keep it.


I recently attended a close friends wedding. I had been looking forward to it for so long and it was definitely worth the wait as she looked absolutely beautiful. The wedding was well thought out and organised. It was situated at a stunning 16th century manor house in Telford. An all round fabulous day!








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