04/08/16 – Work Work Work Work Work…

The waiting game continues… But not for a liver, to get back to work this time. It’s been frustrating to say the least, however I’ve been keeping myself busy in multiple ways. Focusing on my nutrition and fitness especially. To get back to work will be the final peace to this puzzle I’ve been working on for so long. 

I can’t wait to be mentally and physically challenged again. Feeling the sense of achievement at the end of each working day. That rewarding feeling and ability to focus on my career is something I’ve missed. For a while i haven’t been able to get anywhere with nursing as my health has stopped me in my tracks. Of course your health is more important, however I’m doing my best to focus on getting the right balance to ensure I don’t over work and exhaust myself.

Seems as though everyone around me is doing so well in their career and I’m over the moon for them. Working up the ladder and looking into with new business opportunities. It inspires me and makes me want to be successful at so many things but I can’t put too much pressure on myself. Im feeling very insecure about my lack of progress in my career right now… But I’ll get there. I’ve achieved a lot more than others…. I’ve got to stay optimistic!

2 thoughts on “04/08/16 – Work Work Work Work Work…

  1. Hey Olivia, Glad to read that you have improved enough to start work. You were very sick back in 2014. I had ascities at 21 after a surgery (my third at the time, it is now 7 surgeries since birth.) I have pain every day for the last 20 years due to an inoperable narrowed hepatic duct caused by one of the surgeries when I was 29. I hope you stay well as long as possible. Have you had cholangitis over your life time at all? Best wishes for you Olivia. Your lucky to have a supportive family and friends it makes a huge difference.

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    1. Hi vicki. I’m so sorry I’ve only just replied!!! I hope you are ok.
      I had Cholangitis when I was a baby and once in adult life (July 2017).
      Best wishes to you too! I don’t know what I’d do without the support of friends and family. X


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