18.02.18 – Sweaty Betty

I woke up this morning with a bit more energy in store. I managed to get up and get dressed earlier than usual. When I get a burst of energy I want to make the most of it so plan stuff for the day. I fancy some retail therapy because I haven’t had any in a while. Even if it’s just window shopping, I’m happy with that.

It’s coming up to 1pm now and I’m starting to feel exhausted again. Logan is asleep on the floor snoring away, with his cuddly toy next to him. I’m tempted to nap now that he’s chilled out a bit since his crazy spell this morning. I know I shouldn’t push myself too much so I’ll just head to the retail park down the road instead.

I’ve got a scan on Tue that I’m a bit nervous about. It’s to check for any ascites in my abdomen. Earlier this week I called the on-call Liver Dr at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham to mentioned to them about my night sweats, and possible build up of ascites fluid. The sweats are starting to annoy me now because of how drenched and cold I’m feeling in the morning. I get through so many sets of pyjamas. So there’s something I need to buy; lots of new cozy pj sets! 😄. May as well turn a negative into a positive, right?!

Snuggles with Logan 🐶

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