28/01/18 – A Sleepy Weekend

It’s the end of my first week back at work after having a month off, and I’m so tired after it. I’ve reduced my hours down to part time as I felt I was pushing myself too much. It’s so important for me to keep working as I love my job and colleagues, and gets me into a routine. It also helps mentally, as it keeps my mind focused on other things.

Nate and I have both had the weekend off together, so we took our new puppy ( Siberian Husky called Logan) out for walks in parks which need driving to. We are trying to teach him how to fetch the ball and bring it back, but he seemed more interested in the sticks. We brought a few back for him to run around with in the back garden. He seems to love play fighting with them as if they are alive 😂. He was due is worming tablets today which is a surprisingly easy job as he is happy to chew them, without the need to hide them in food.

I’ve found he has really helped with everything that’s been going on. He cheers me up with his loving nature and silliness.

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