01.03.18 – Mind Full or Mindful?

What words pop into your head when you think of mindfulness? De-stress, focus, awareness? The act of mindfulness has been something that’s helped me a lot over the past few years. The ability to stop, take a breath, de-stress and just getting on with it, really can make a huge difference.

I was discussing mindfulness with one of my colleagues yesterday, which helped to bring it back fresh in my mind. She explained it pretty well by asking me to think back to when I was young, imagine I’m walking outside and I come across a little grub. I look at the grub, watch it wiggle around for a few minutes and follow it to see where it goes. I then continue on walking around, not a worry in the world about anything, and come to the next distraction. You have no stresses or anxiety when you are a child, so why can’t we focus on one thing, then move onto the next job without stressing about how much we need to get done. I’m not suggesting we all start slowing down, put our feet up, and take too much time between tasks, without any urgency. Start from the top of the list and work your way through without it all becoming a jumbled mess in your head.

Making lists, reminders and organising can help stress levels and help towards mindfulness. I find that making a list of jobs on my handover sheet in order of priority at work, gives me the ability to let go and stop stressing over things I need to do. Ticking off my to-do list is quite satisfying, keeping me motivated and focused.

There are days that I just can’t be bothered to do anything, or face the world outside. That happens to most of us at times, and if it never happened, the act of mindfulness would have never been created. This is a good example of finding a positive in a negative, which again, is an act of mindfulness. ☺️

“I will breathe.

I will think of solutions.

I will not let my worry control me.

I will not let my stress levels break me.

I will simply breathe

and it will be okay,

because I don’t quit.”

– Shane McClendon

I thought I’d finish with this beautiful photo of London skyline in the snow – sent from Harriet (sister).

How lucky is she to have this view from her window at work!?! 😍

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