03.2018 – The Call

Oh my gosh! I have to write this quickly because I’m about to go down for my transplant. I was called around 18:45.

The liver I will receive is from a young donor. It’s a DBD donor (Brain stem death) which is the best kind. I’m in good hands and the surgeon performing the surgery has been known to be one of the best.

My family (mum and dad) are here with me now. I’ve got my stockings and gown on. Bloods have been taken, ECG, Chest X Ray, urine sample has all been taken.

I’m actually pretty calm but I guess that’s because I’ve been waiting for so long for this.

Surgery will take 8-10 hrs. It is due to commence at 1am. After surgery, I’ll be transferred to ITU and woken after 24hrs. I’ll do my best to write a blog as soon as I feel strong enough to.

Wish me luck!!!

Best birthday present ever. 😄

13 thoughts on “03.2018 – The Call

  1. Hi Olivia
    I hope all has gone well for you and you are on the mend very soon. Look forward to reading about your onward journey brave girl.
    Lots of good wishes wished for you.
    Sally (Torbay)

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  2. Hi Olivia

    I will keep fingers crossed for you today. Please let us know how you’re doing. Hope you remember me it’s sasha 🙂 and we share same birthday, so I’m so happy and hope all go very well. Take care.

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  3. Dear Olivia… This is such fantastic news and we will be praying and thinking of you during this time, we wish you well in your recovery.

    Stay strong … all our love

    Carol, Mark and Christopher Weil xx

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  4. I hope all went well for you yesterday. I only just found blog, my son had a liver transplant just over 4 weeks ago but his now Home and pretty much back to normal. I hope this gives you a new lease of life x

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