27.03.18 – “Mid-Way Cuckoo Land”

Saturday 10th March

I was woken up on Saturday to see my mum and Maya sitting next to me. It’s only 2 relatives per bed allowed in Critical Care, so they had to keep taking it in turns. Shortly after, Nate and my dad visited. Unfortunately Harriet had to work over the weekend, but managed to get Sunday off. She was driving down with her boyfriend, Sam, and arrived around 19:20 that eve.

Sunday 11th – Mothers Day.

We will have to pre plan something else for Mother’s Day, mine and my mums birthday. We had planned to go up the shard to have a meal in London. Plenty more opportunities for that, and like my dad said, no better reason to cancel it.

I had all of my close family around me and in the evening, I had a lovely nurse from the Philippine’s who helped wash my hair whilst on bed rest. It was so relaxing and helped distract me from the pain.

The pain relief I was taking was morphine from a PCA monitor (Patient Controlled Analgesia), Tramadol and Paracetamol. In some incidences I tried to avoid having too much because I didn’t want to become to reliant on it. I was feeling so out of it most of the time. Constantly in a dozy state, slipping in and out of sleeplessness and waking up suddenly. Having strange dreams and mumbling random words. It was quite an odd experience which I really wasn’t keen on. It was probably quite funny to watch though! 😂

Monday 12th March

The Drs came to review me this morning and were very happy with my progress. My bloods were looking closer to normal which was strange for me to hear. They had always been deranged due to my liver condition. That reminded me that I had been completely cured of Biliary Atresia which I had been diagnosed with since birth! How incredible is that!

The video below has not been slowed down!! 😂

I struggled to stomach anything as the pain really got to me. I felt full and had to keep adjusting my position to get comfortable. As I was dosed up on morphine, I struggled to do the simplest things. I let Maya and Harriet choose what to have for my meals, so was a surprise to find what had been chosen for me.

There was talk of me going to the ward which showed that everything was running smoothly. The surgeons and Critical Care team who came to review me daily, always had such positive news!

10 thoughts on “27.03.18 – “Mid-Way Cuckoo Land”

  1. Liv! Omg look how brave you are! So glad to hear this good news and keep going! Really just took the wind out my sails can’t get over what ur having to go through and your doing so well! Sending you loads of love and strength beautiful! Xxxx


  2. Wow Olivia… you have done so well, keep going and stay strong everyone is thinking of you and sending prayers.

    Lots of love

    The Weils xx


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