14.04.18 – 5 Weeks Already?!

5 weeks post transplant. It feels like it’s only been a week! I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks because I’ve been a bit up and down trying to take each day as it comes.

I’m at home with my parents who are looking after me very well. I’m doing my best to stay as mobile as possible by taking regular walks with the cat! Yes he follows us down the road to the church and around the field. We think he has a bit of Siamese in him which explains his personality.

He’s been keeping me company but I’m really missing the puppy.

Once I had left Critical care, I was moved onto the ward on Tuesday. That week was filled with meetings with the pharmacists and the transplant co- ordinator. They explained tablets, foods to avoid, 3 month plan during recovery and carer support.

Bloods were taken daily to check my immunosuppressant levels and liver function tests. I felt much stronger each day and was able to walk a bit further. Unfortunately on Sunday i suddenly developed severe pain which they struggled to settle even after taking numerous painkillers. After scans and tests, I was told it was infection from a bile leak. The leak was coming from the split edge of the liver which can happen in some cases. I was glad to hear it wasn’t anything too serious and could be easily treated with antibiotics.

They decided to insert a CT guided drain to drain the fluid. This drain stayed in until after I was discharged and removed on 9th April.

The fluid hasn’t completely gone, but the infection has cleared and no longer experience pain from the fluid build up. I will be having an ultrasound scan this Monday coming to review it.

The infection was all that delayed my hospital stay. I was allowed to be discharged home on the 26th March. I was pretty relieved to finally be allowed to go home to a more comfortable bed, nicer food and constant company. I did make a few friends on the ward and still keep in contact with them. They all were either their waiting for a liver transplant, or recovering post transplant. It was nice to share experiences, support each other and have someone there just to have a chat with.

Today I managed to have my hair cut at the salon in Albrighton. It was fine apart from when I had to lean back into the basin to have my hair cut.

I’m still having regular appointments, bloods taken and test. Everything is getting easier to do and is more noticed each week, rather than each day as it’s very slow progress.

I can’t wait to get back to normal as I’m already feeling so much better. I’m not falling asleep every hour, experiencing low blood sugar levels, improved digestion, whiter eyes and in general looking and feeling healthier. 😊.

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