15.10.18 – NHSBT

Ive just been sorting my stuff out ready to move back into my flat in Birmingham. Ive been living with my parents since my transplant, during recovery period. Well, I never expected to feel this well, i’m still improving! Now that ive shown I can manage by myself, im good to go. My offical move date is 2nd Nov, which is why I need get organised to make the move as easy as possible.

I was talking to my sister about how many times i’ve moved in the past 9 years. It worked out to be 9 times, so this will be the 10th! I’ll make sure it will stay that number for a while because its so much effort! Im lucky to have parents to take me in when I need support, and help me with the moves. Sorry Dad, I’ve nominated you to help me now that you have retired and have more time on your hands. Haha.

Whilst I was going through letters and paperwork, I came across this. This was sent to me nearly 2 years ago, so it was nice to have come across it. I should iron it, file it and keep in a folder. Hopefully I’ve encouraged others to join the donor register, or even discuss the topic as that is one of my aims in life!

I’ve continuously been in contact with NHSBT (NHS Blood and Transplant) group, to ask if I can help out in their campaigning. They’ve taken up my offer a few times and used my story in the press, however more recently I applied to be a volunteer with them through NHS Jobs. I went for an interview, and was successful. I’ll have training next week so that i can attend events to help spread awareness in organ donation! I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to get started! It’ll also be great experience that can be added to my CV. 🙌🏼

Just a quick shout out! Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks for everything you have done for me. The support, strength and motivation to get on with it.

Here’s my Dad looking silly with one of his presents. It’s a painting of the house that my mum got done for him.

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, as they can override your decision. Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “15.10.18 – NHSBT

      1. When I read about other people’s experience of having a liver transplant some of them seem to have a difficult journey. I think your positive outlook has helped you in your recovery. Keep smiling I only see good things coming your way. 😊

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      2. I was told I had NAFLD in February then after a fibroscan I was told I’ve stage 3 liver fibrosis, now I’m waiting to see a haematologist to be tested for polycythemia Vera or secondary polycythemia I never realised the importance of having a healthy liver, it’s great you are going to promote its importance xxx

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      3. I have good and bad days, I just wish I could sleep well without having hot sweats and itching . I’m awake for hours in the night.

        I will be pleased when it’s the 28Nov that’s when I see the haematologist. I just hope it doesn’t take six months to get results if any! There are many people far worse than me. 😉

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