17.10.18 – Navaratri

Isn’t it great to have someone come up to you and tell you how much of an inspiration you are! This happened to me on Saturday night at an Indian festival called Navaratri. Lots of comments were made about my blog and how much they love reading it. How amazing is that! Thank you for that! It’s an incredible feeling knowing that I’m able to get my message out there to so many. Well, I’m just here to tell my story to raise awareness in organ donation!

Thank you to all those have commented on my blog. It’s so motivating!

I’ve just had a phone interview with Birmingham Mail for possible story to be written about organ donation. They used my story pre transplant, and now that I’ve had one, they want to focus on the life changing effects of organ donation. I’ve asked them to include my blog so hopefully I can get more people signing up and talking about donation. Fingers crossed it will go ahead. 🤞🏼

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, as they can override your decision. Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “17.10.18 – Navaratri

      1. I’d say about 6 months after surgery I was up to my new 100% It’s hard to compare because I was sick for a long time before but had become used to living with symptoms. Now I feel so much better, but I feel that overall I have a lower energy level than most of my friends and people around me. Also one interesting thing that happens is every now and then I feel twinges in the muscles around the liver (not painful). My doctor told me everyone has a different experience but that it’s was ok. I haven’t had any setback since. If I let my stomach get too cold it makes me feel weird physically (I don’t know if that makes sense; not sure how else to describe it)! I’m usually wearing sweaters! 😂 Anyways sorry for the wait and super long reply! Love to hear more on how things are for you! I’m sure you’re doing well!

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      2. Hi lovely. It’s always good to hear about different experiences. I too was unwell for about 4 yrs prior to transplant. I think because I’ve had a few complications, I have been able to get there fully just yet. Like you say, everyone is different. Everyone body adapts to a different liver in certain ways. The fact you have twinges, is not something I’ve experienced. I’m glad you aren’t in pain from it. I still also get a bit cold.
        Have you experienced any differences in spicy hot and temp hot foods. I either can’t keep them down, or make me feel sick. All these changes with how I feel are odd. I assume it will all calm down soon. Keep me updated on how you are getting on. Wishing you all the best. Glad you are doing well xxx

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      3. Oh yeah! I think for the first 9-10 months post transplant I had to keep my diet to mild foods, non-fatty foods and I feel like certain things set off my stomach much more easily! It does get better over time as the body adjusts to not having a gallbladder anymore. Also the doses of medications still get changed very so often after blood work still! Even 2 years later… I check in about every 3 months now sometimes 6 months if it’s really good. Getting sick is way too easy though so any time it comes with a temperature or a cough I have to check in just in case!


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