24.10.18 – Birmingham Mail Story

Well I don’t know where to start! This week has been busy so far. I’ve had NHSBT Ambassador training, Liver Clinic appointment, Birmingham Mail story came up and therapy session. I’m so tired now.

NHSBT training was an afternoon of going through key information regarding organ donation, what is expected of me and how to get others interested in the idea of organ donation e.g. telling my story, asking if they are an organ donor. The idea that I’ll be going out to discuss and get others talking about it excites me. I’m hoping to get as many people as I can to sign up. I know it’s not for everyone so I can’t be disappointed if some aren’t into the idea.

I’m waiting for my starter kit with everything I need to start going out and spreading the word about organ donation! I’ll have a bright pink t shirt, a banner and a few flyers! 😁.

My Liver Clinic appointment went well. My bloods seem pretty good, apart from being slightly anaemic. I’ve been started on Ferrous Sulphate (Iron) tablets which should help with my energy. I discussed with the dr how I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about the letter I was sent a couple of months ago. It was following a meeting I had had with the Liver Transplant Co ordinator. A letter had been sent covering all we discussed to myself and my GP. I found it quite hard hitting as it went through so many risks when taking Prograf (immunosuppressants) and in general following a transplant.

The consultant on Monday told me that it’s normal to feel quite overwhelmed by all this, but it needs to be addressed. The risks listed could apply to anyone, however I am at slightly higher risk of these health issues. Luckily I will be screened more often, therefore something may be picked up quickly so that there is more of a chance of doing something about it. I’ve booked in to have a cholesterol check next week.

Finally this Birmingham Mail story. Let me know what you think. I’ve been quite open here!

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, as they can override your decision. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “24.10.18 – Birmingham Mail Story

  1. I said before and I will say it again you are an inspiration to others, your beauty shines, inside and out and now you have been given a chance to help others in a massive way.

    Your video was fantastic giving a very clear message about the importance of carrying a organ donor card. Personally I think everyone should automatically be a donor unless they physically register NOT to be. So many lives would be saved if people knew the importance of organ donations.

    Your Birmingham mail story was open and honest and will, I’m sure help other people who have eating disorders. Most of us, me included are told to eat less 😬 not more to aid our health.

    Finally the letter from the specialist should in a strange way bring you comfort, I’ve had similar letters which stated the importance of keeping a watch on things that could develop. At least we are being monitored rather than most people who may only get some bad news at a later stage!

    My daughter is a qualified nurse and worked in A&E before training as a midwife, she now is a clinical advisor for the ambulance service. I feel so much sadness for the NHS at the moment and the hero’s who work in it. I hope and pray that something is passed in government even if it is just £1 a week taken from everyone to shore up the obvious shortfall in the NHS.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Olivia, looking after yourself and others and use your God given beauty to get the importance of organ donation across to people who are unaware.

    Elaine xx

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    1. What a beautiful message. Thank you! It wasn’t easy being so honest and open about my eating disorder in such a public way but i hope it helps others. I believe that the opt out discussion is still continuing and may be introduced at some point. Fingers crossed. I’m sure that will encourage more to think about organ donation because they have to actively remove themselves off the list if they don’t wish to donate. Hats off to your daughter! I hope you are well. Xx

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