31.10.18 – ‘Urgent Ultrasound’

On Monday, I received a call from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Imagining Department. I was asked to come in the next morning for an urgent ultrasound scan, as requested by one of the liver consultants. I assumed that my bloods weren’t that great, however, as this had happened before, I wasn’t concerned.

When I arrived at the hospital the next day, one of the liver nurses came over to the imaging department, and asked me to come to clinic after the scan for bloods. She mentioned that if the scan wasn’t to show anything, then I might need a liver biopsy to check for signs of rejection. I asked her why I needed a scan so urgently, and she told me that my bloods weren’t great, as I had guessed.

After the scan, I headed over to clinic get my bloods taken. Today, I got a call back from that same liver specialist nurse to tell me that my scan didn’t show anything abnormal and that I need to increase my anti-rejection medicine dose (Tacrolimus). She also said that I’ll need to attend the liver clinic on Monday, and will discuss things further. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m not sure what this means, but I’m not going to stress about it. I know I’m in safe hands. I’ll never forget how lucky I am to receive a life saving liver transplant. This is a small price to pay for something so special.

Happy Birthday to my not-so-little-anymore sister! Missing you lots! I hope you had a great day, and thanks for all your help and support. 😘

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, so that they support your decision. Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “31.10.18 – ‘Urgent Ultrasound’

  1. What would you advise someone to do in your shoes Olivia? I’m no expert but I think you need to rest, eat well and trust in the experts. We need you fit and healthy to spread the importance of organ donation. It’s easy for me to say but try not to worry.

    I was at the hospital with my mum yesterday, she has been diagnosed with lung, bone and adrenal cancer, she is 87 . She has had a good life and the aim now is to keep her as comfortable as possible.

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