06.11.18 – Back in Clinic

I went back to the Liver Clinic yesterday. I mentioned to them how tired and sore I had been feeling. I think I’ve over done it when I was moving my stuff back into my my flat in Birmingham. I honestly thought I’d be absolutely fine, and so didn’t ask for help. Last Wednesday, my friend offered to help carry vaccum bags up to my flat. There were 4 of them, all very full and heavy. It was so stupid of me to even think it was okay to lift them! At least I didn’t do it by myself 😊. I’ve had to take pain relief every day since Thursday. Well…. I’ve definitely learned from it.

I had a call from the hospital this morning. They mentioned that my bloods hadn’t improved, so I’ll need to go in for a biopsy. They are most likely expecting to find mild rejection. If they do, they will put my on high dose steroids for 3 days which will help treat it. The procedure will happen tomorrow, so I’ll stay in for the night. This can happen sometimes after a liver transplant, so I’m not worried.


I like to blog about my experience, especially for those who are in a similar position. I hope it provides the advice and support pre and post transplant. I had always wanted to know what to expect, and struggled to find any written first hand experience, so I’m hoping my experiences can reassure others. Having a liver transplant can be scary, but it should be seen as a new chance of life, a gift, a positive thing to happen!

Happy Birthday to Nimesh my cousin, and his beautiful wife, Jess! We all went out to celebrate their 30th on Saturday. The theme was circus 🎪. I was an elephant 😂🐘

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, so that they support your decision. Thank you!

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