19.05.2019 – Holiday Planning

I went for a check up last week at QEHB. It was all over and done with quite quick actually. I saw a Medical Dr I had never met before. He was great and understood my need for further advice with my pain, so he suggested he write a letter to my GP for a community pain team referral. I’m looking forward to some advice from the pain experts on how to manage a bit better.

I bumped into one of the Youth Support Workers who is part of the BLYS Charity I’m part of, a long with meeting another young person who had a transplant 8 weeks ago. She looked in good spirits which is always so positive to see. The Youth Support Worker mentioned my Blog to her, which she then replied, ‘I think I’ve read it!’. Amazing! Not sure how she’s accessed it but it was great to hear, and hopefully finds it useful. 😊.

After the appointment, I jumped on the train to meet my mum for a much needed (for her) shopping spree. Living in town, I end up walking to the shops fairly often, window shopping mainly. It turned into a nice bit of retail therapy for the both of us and to pick up some nice things ready for Marbella at the end of the month. 😁.

I spoke to the consultant in regards to keeping out of the sun, as the immunosuppressants cause sensitivity to the sun and increased risk of skin cancer. He suggested wearing factor 50, applying it regularly, wearing a sun hat etc. So I ended up picking one up. I also asked the consultant if he could write a letter out of all the meds I’m taking, some of which are control drugs. I’m often asked for a prescription when having my bag checked at the airport. It’s not always required but it’s always useful to have if asked or taking controlled drugs with you.

Out and about near my flat in Birmingham. My mental health hasn’t all be that great this week. Going for walks or going to the gym has always helped me relax. I’ve also recently got into audiobooks. Any recommendations would be great 👍🏼.

Currently reading/listening to: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson.

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, so that they support your decision. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “19.05.2019 – Holiday Planning

  1. Hi Olivia. I don’t know if my previous comment went through. I was just hoping they find the cause of your pain and a solution. Where is your pain, in your incision , abdomen? I guess some people have pain issues after their surgeries. Have you joined any support groups for transplant patients? I used to belong to one and sometimes they would offer some advise that was ok. However for the occasional piece of good advise there was a lot more bad advise so i left that group. You can try that, perhaps someone went or is going through the same problem. Well all my best to you. Whatever happens, what i do , when i wake up in the morning, I look at the sunrise and say to myself. ” I am still here. Thank you.” . Take care Olivia and keep up your great work as a nurse. Much respect to you and anyone in the medical profession. Ciao.


    1. My pain is where my incision is. It starts there and radiates around that area when the pain gets worse. Tramadol has been working but I find my tolerance has increased, therefore needing more. I’m now one of 5 transplanted patients who have set up a support group for transplanted patients but if I have any queries, I know who to turn to.
      That’s very very kind of you to think of me in that way.
      I hope you are well.


  2. Oh here is the post transplant manual from Toronto General Hospital. I cant remember if i sent this to you or not but you can compare if they give you something similar. More than likely the same or similar info.

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