30.05.19 – Holiday Packing

Holiday vibes! I’m currently on a flight with two other friends to Marbella for my sisters 30th. I’ve had mixed emotions on the lead up to it because of my anxiety and lack of good self esteem. I can’t help judging my body after all it’s gone through with the scars and very skinny frame. I’ve found some clothes that I’ll enjoy wearing and so will help me with the confidence issue. It took me only a couple of days to pack. It was quite fun because I ended up buying lots of new clothes and went through them all with my flat mate to piece each outfit together. I have enough for a couple of extra days, which did cause problems when closing the case. One of the zips broke on my suitcase causing a last minute panic 1 hr before leaving.

I made sure that when I packed my tablets, I had a prescription with me for proof of needing to take. I didn’t end up needing to get them out, which saved some time and embarrassment. Our flight left about 20 mins late, so will arrive around 3pm-ish.

Next blog will have some photos to follow! There are 14 of us going, and 3 of us Birmingham lot flying together. Next time: Take a bigger backpack and reduce clothes a little bit more. I don’t travel much so this is super exciting for me, especially as I’m feeling good and ready.

I’m hoping that when we get there, it’ll be warm enough to jump straight in the pool. 😊. Roll on Marbella!

Last weekend myself and my flat mate went to Wales to be tourists. My flat mate moved to England from Italy at the beginning of the year. She’s keen to explore UK so I’ve been going with her on different mini breaks and days. It gives me a chance to do something different too. We walked a lot, took lots of photos, slept really well, ate well and had a really good time. She’s great company and we get on very well.

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