27.08.19 – Rest day

Chronic pain: Chronic pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. 

My patient: Are you ok dear?

Me (his Nurse) – Yeah, I’m okay thanks. Don’t worry about me.

My patient: Looks like you need this bed more than me!

Me: 🙈

This morning I was sent home from work due to the pain I was in. My manager suggested I should go home and rest until my next shift, tomorrow. I’ve tried to get through the last few days at work by just pushing through, holding my stomach, slightly bent over and sitting when I can. I’m having a bit of flare up I would say but unsure why. Is this what chronic pain is supposed to feel like? Debilitating with excruciating pain when having a flare up? I think I’ve over done it at work but I don’t like leaving the ward short staffed. Most wards are short staffed occasionally so I don’t want to contribute to that. I tend to wait to be sent home rather than asking, because really, I want to be there. Work helps me stay motivated and focused. I’m always on the go and try to do as much as I can. It keeps me busy and stops me from noticing the pain and letting it really get to me.

I went to the GP today and was seen by such a lovely sympathetic Dr. She amended my tablets and added to my repeat prescription. I asked her about any other services that could help me. Physio, pain cbt or things I could try at home. She will be calling back in a hour after talking to her senior. I hope I get some alternative help because I’d like to see what other options I have to provide me with some help and hope.

I’ve been using ice packs, freeze gel, breathing exercises which don’t work at all because it’s more painful to breath in. Alternate my meds, trial new meds, steriod injection and other cooling creams. The pain is definitely superficial which does link to the fact that it is nerve pain following surgery. I look for ways to manage the pain quite often. I’ve been watching YouTube videos, reading leaflets and reading articles. Now I’m looking out for any self help books.

If anyone knows anyone who has experience in this or advice they could give me, that would be great help. I have great ambitions and I’ve struggled to further my career. I hope for new challenges and to get to where I wish to be in the future.

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4 thoughts on “27.08.19 – Rest day

  1. Have you tried the liver transplant support group I told you about ? You will probably get some suggestions way out there but you might get one that helps , which is all you need. Is your pain from your incision or on the insides ? Well no harm in joining and asking . They are on Facebook . I’ll resend you the name if you need .
    Good luck Olivia
    My best to Snay .

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