08.10.19 – Back Again

Soon after being discharged I was back in hospital again with the same problem, same pain but slightly worse, same ward with the same fed up, frustrated feeling. However this time I’ve been treated with 7 days of IV antibiotics and had a CT scan to compare with the MRCP scan I had during my last admission.

Today I’m waiting to see my Surgeon as I’ve been told by the medical team that he may have a solution to the repeated Cholangitis. When I was discharged a couple of weeks ago, they treated me and sent me home with oral antibiotics which didn’t seem to clear the infection, hence why I came back in. Now I’m desperate to find a way to fix this problem and grateful to the drs to have given me options to fix this. This does involve having more surgery, but I’d prefer this than going back in with the same infection over again.

I’ve been sketching and watching Peaky Blinders, walking around every so often when my pain allows me to. Getting to know other patients and new staff members. I’d rather be at home, in my own bed, watching my own tv with a cup of tea or coffee whenever I want, but I’ve always met such incredible people, sharing each other’s stories and experiences when in hospital, so there are some highlights.

Visiting Aunts from London

I continue to have plenty of visitors, lots of support and positivity sent my way. It’s been a frustrating few weeks but I’m finally getting somewhere with my health, I think.

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