10.10.19 – The Surgeons Solution

So the Surgeons believe that they have a solution for these recurring episodes of Cholangitis. Yes, you are right by thinking that it requires surgery. I’m all happy that they have come up with a likely solution, but the recovery process is not what I want to go through again.

It’s no where near as big of an Operation as a Liver Transplant, but all I want is to get back to normal, back to work, out of the hospital, feel fit and well and feel like I’m getting somewhere in life. At the moment I feel as if I’m not. Call me impatient, but I’ve felt that way since I first started having problems in 2014 so I’m allowing myself to get frustrated. I thought I’d be fine by now but unfortunately not quite. I keep saying to myself, I’m lucky to be alive, have great support, have a career, positivity, positivity, but sometimes I need to just cry, shout, get it all out instead of bottling it all up, to make me feel a bit better. I’m just a bit stressed today because I’m just fed up! It doesn’t help that I’m feeling exhausted which always makes me more emotional. 4am bloods may be one of the reasons for it.

I’d better eat up a bit more than usual today because I’m to be kept NBM (Nil By Mouth) over night. I’ll be signing the consent form soon for ‘Refashioning of the bile ducts’ – meaning the surgeon will extend the length of the ducts to avoid my infection coming back.

They believe bowel matter keeps refluxing back up the bile ducts and causing infection. In order to fix all of this, the surgeon will extend the length of the ducts to avoid bowel content travelling so far. Sounds long and complicated but I’ve done my reading, asked my questions, discussed it with family and agree that its the best idea to get it done. ‘Get it done, then it’s sorted so you can get in with your life’ they said. Yes, now that’s what I need. Please let it be the last of it. 🙏🏼

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, so that they support your decision.

The opt out system will come into place in Spring 2020, but until then, you’ll need to sign up to the organ donation register.

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3 thoughts on “10.10.19 – The Surgeons Solution

  1. Ps
    I am not sure of your weather but if it makes you feel anymore thankful for your weather, we received around 21 cm of snow in the last couple of days ! Just like Christmas . Ciao

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