12.12.19 – Too Soon

I regret to say that I ended up overdoing it last week! Thinking that I’d be ready to start exercising after 9 weeks post op, I thought I could give the gym a go. Going wasn’t the mistake, it’s what I did at the gym that was the mistake.

After having an abdominal operation, you’d think you’d still not even feel ready to start running, but I did just that. I completed day one of couch 2 5K. I had completed the challenge last year, 6 months post transplant thinking that my most recent op was 10x smaller than a transplant, I went for it again. I shouldn’t have looked at it that way. Even after going running that first evening, I only felt sore until the day after next…. and I still went 3 more times that week! A lesson very well learned as I’m VERY sore this week! I feel like I’ve gone back a couple of weeks and delayed my time getting to full recovery. I’ve still be doing my absolute best to keep active, but reminding myself that I have an excuse to sit and relax.

I come from an active family. Always on the go, a new goal, destination, project going on. Walking up mountains, running a marathon, so I feel the need to keep up. I’ve just been sitting here, watching Netflix, dreaming about when I can be super active again, to be able to work 12.5 hr shifts. I’ve been waiting and waiting for so long now. So, that day I thought, you know what, I’m going to just do it!! Well it back fired this time, but next week, I’ll start slow, without running of course!

I have started a Vlog (video blog) which I’ve been wanting to started up for a while. I thought it would be a good time to start, come up with ideas, learn how to edit and give me a sense of purpose whilst I’m off work.

My YouTube channel: Olivia’s Liver

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9 thoughts on “12.12.19 – Too Soon

  1. Hi Olivia . Sorry to hear you pushed to hard . Be careful of incisional hernias . A malady mostly avoidable when taking proper precautions . Don’t need another issue setting you back . Treadmill walking with slight incline is a great workout . Good luck . Nice vlog btw .

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  2. Oh Olivia I feel so sad to read that you have overdone things, just because your family are all so active does not mean you have to be the same. I can’t help but feeling that your body is actually pushing you in other directions in which you can inspire so many others who are struggling with kidney issues. Take care of yourself and use this time constructively. ❤️


    1. I keep trying to tell myself that I’m not a fit and as well as them. I’ve been through a battle with my body. I’m still struggling and in pain after over doing it. I must have lost a bit of weight since going to the gym so I’m aiming to put it back on again. I’m feeling a lot more fragile than usual.
      I’ve got my hot water bottle to hand, my pain killers, snacks and drinks. Now to continue resting. Xx

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      1. Try doing some of your lovely artwork, I find it so relaxing drawing its a great distraction. Let your lovely family look at you this Christmas 🎄 they are blessed to have you ❤️


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