22.02.20 – ITU

I’ve been so lucky to have finally landed and started my dream job! I could tell that I’d be happy there from day 1. I’m so motivated, eager to learn and very thankful for the opportunity. I’m always thanking my manager and those who interviewed me for taking me on. I feel as if I have more purpose on life and working towards my career goals.

Everyone is so lovely, approachable and supportive. I’m getting on with everyone there. I’ve done and seen a lot (liver transplant surgery, organ donation) already after 4 weeks as I’m making sure I make the most of my supernumerary stage. However annoyingly, my bloods aren’t great again! I’m frustrated because my health always seems to get in the way. I’ve spoken to my manager about it all, along with others and they have all be so understanding and supportive. I’ve had 3 blood tests in the last 3 weeks, I’ve got to have another on Monday along with an appointment with Haematology and an Iron infusion as my Haemoglobin is 71. Its almost low enough to require a blood transfusion!

I’m super tired, out of breath and feeling cold from my anaemia, hence why I need this treatment. I’ve considered to reduce my days down but I don’t want to have to because of this. I know it would only be temporary, but I’ve waited so long to finally get to full time.

I’ve been referred back to occupational health, given time off for my appointments, will have regular catch ups with my manager and have been encouraged to speak up if there are ever any issues.

I’ve very lucky to be where I am in life. I’m always so thankful to my donor and their family, surgeons and the hospital. I’m now finally able to support those who have had transplants or have liver disease. I can understand what they are going through and be able to support them much more.

Click here to sign up to organ donation! It is equally important to discuss your wishes with your family, so that they support your decision.

The opt out system will come into place in Spring 2020, but until then, you’ll need to sign up to the organ donation register.

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5 thoughts on “22.02.20 – ITU

  1. I’m delighted to hear you finally have that ‘dream job’ but please don’t push yourself too hard Olivia or you will suffer setbacks!
    Hope all goes well. Tricia x

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    1. I’m getting lots of support and doing my best to listen to my body. Just like my parents, I push through and very persistent with myself. I soon get to a point where I just have to accept to slow down. I’m at that point now. How are you getting on?


  2. I’ve been wondering what’s been happening, what is your new job title? Don’t stress yourself about your bloods Olivia I’m sure all will get sorted out. Make sure your eating well and getting some quality sleep. Remember you are a winner! 💚


  3. It’s so inspiring to read what you have accomplished and I feel proud, so I cannot imagine what your parents feel I bet they are over the moon . Everyone needs to take a leaf out of your book ! ❤️ All the best Olivia you are amazing xxx


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