03/12/14 – Officially on ‘the list’

Woke up this morning by my dad entering my room to remind me to take my tablets. He had a suppliment drink in his hand for me to drink so I gulped it down along with my tablets and curled up back under my duvet.
5 mins later my phone rang so I reached down and grabbed it off the floor. With my eyes half open, I glanced at my phone to see who the call was from. It started with 0121…. A birmingham number. I immediately thought that it was from the hospital so answered straight away. The lady on the other end of the phone introduced herself as a transplant co-ordinator. She continued to go on by saying that I had been added to the transplant list… …so now the waiting officially begins!

In the afternoon, my mum and I took a walk through the village, down to the church and through the field. It was sunny but pretty cold so I made sure I wrapped up warm. I didn’t fancy going out at first but ended up enjoying it. I guess It encouraged me to do a bit of exercise and helps to build my strength up.



I’ve spent the rest of the day sorting my endless supply of clothes out. I found at least 5 items with the price labels on. I hate trying clothes on in the shop and buy a fair few clothes online so by the time I come to try them on, they aren’t quite right.
Confessions of shopaholic. Ooops!
Apparently, the average woman has about 22 garments in her wardrobe that she will never wear but absolutely refuses to throw out, a survey shows.
I put my old and unwanted a bag to take to the charity shop, so hopefully someone will appreciate them more than I ever did.

Now to spend the rest of the day clothes browsing online…. well there’s no harm in window shopping, is there? 🙂

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