13/12/14 – Getting ready for Xmas

Shopping, cleaning, decorating, socialising, catching trains and waiting.
Waiting for that all important call as usual, however reminded on Thursday that the wait could be a while.
Well that’s pretty much what sums up my week. I’ve been trying to find the time to update my blog all but ive been so busy. I guess it’s best that way as it takes my mind off things.

The most important part of my week was probably my appointment I had in Birmingham.  I was weighed, had bloods taken, saw the liver specialist and the dietician. Nothing really has changed in regards to my treatment but was advised to ‘keep up the good work’.
I have gained a kg since coming out of hospital. Im feeling stronger and have more energy to get through each day.
I’m still having to drink these suppliment drinks, and I’ve definitely got enough to keep me going…


…and that’s not all of them!

I’m looking forward to Christmas now that I’ve bought my presents and haven’t much left to sort. The house is looking very festive too. 12 more days to go!


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