28.06.15 – Opportunities cost

I’m watching Glastonbury on the tv looking out for friends and cousins in the crowds. I’ve never be sure about festivals bcause I don’t think I’d cope with the lack of daily luxuries, such as warm showers, clean toilets and a warm comfortable bed. This year I’m feeling more inclined to go but I best continue my job search if I plan to go to any festivals any time soon.

So about work, well, I signed up to an agency, who’s name I shall not mention, and was told I was unsuccessful because I’m on the transplant list.
What they ment was that they couldn’t have me working a shift for them, to be called in and have to leave. They felt it would be costly and problematic to the company. I can’t help but feel upset about their reason but I can understand why they said that.
I’ve not let this get to me too much and have continued my search to find work.
Part of me wishes I had moved back to Torquay and stayed working for torbay but at the time it wasn’t the best option. At the age of 24, I didn’t think I’d be living at home without any income, but none of this is any fault of mine which makes it harder to cope with. I’ve just got to remember that I’m very lucky to have parents and a boyfriend who have offered to help with financial difficulties.

My sister has bought a house in London so I travelled up to help her with it last week. It was nice to see her so excited and eager to develop her own haven and call it a home.
She’s offered me to stay with her for 6 months if I can afford it. I want to grab this opportunity with both hands but this will have to wait for obvious reasons.



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