18.04.18 – Home Trial

Finally I’m starting to feel like I’ve got an appetite. These steroids are likely to be contributing to the hunger. Nevertheless, it’s definitely positive as I’ve struggled to stomach much since the operation.

My mum and I have been out shopping, been treated to a hair cut and eyebrow threading. I can shower standing up by myself and help with a few little jobs around the house.

I trialed an overnight stay at home with Nate and Logan on Sunday. Logan was so happy to see me. I’d never seen him so excited!!! Nate and I had to take him for a walk to calm him down. He was calm and chilled after that. The trial went really well so I’m heading back this Friday. 😊.

I missed them both so much but had to head off for an ultrasound scan, clinic and dietician appointment on Monday morning. My liver functions were good and my scan looked promising which is all that matters.

I’ve been so lucky to have my transplant at this time of the year. I’ve got summer to look forward to, cousins who have babies on the way and another cousins summer wedding, which I’ll be able to attend.

What I’m most excited about is having a new lease of life. I still keep having to remind myself that the wait is over. 27 long years knowing I’d need a transplant, and 4 years of being on and off the list – over! It’s a huge relief!

17 thoughts on “18.04.18 – Home Trial

  1. Hello Olivia. I was looking for a friend of mines blog and ran across yours. I have only read a couple paragraphs here and there but from what i gather you have been waiting a long time on the list for your new lease on life and it finally happened. Well congratulations and my best wishes for you in your new rebirth. I have a couple of things to say. First of all you are a very beautiful woman. wow. Second i know what you are going through because i am going on 4 yrs post transplant on Nov 2,2018. My case was a little different than yours. I damaged my liver and almost overnight i was diagnosed with needing a transplant. It was a whirlwind. The only symptom i really had noticed at first was my feet were puffing up so i went to Dr in Dec ,2013 and by Nov 2,2014 i had a transplant. So i am well aware of everything you must have went through and i am so happy you were able to get a transplant. Things will only get better from this point forward. That picture of your cocktail of morning meds? Is that recent ? Did you just receive your Transplant. Well if you did i am sure you will lost half those pills. I was taking a lot too at first. But now I only take a couple anti-rejection drugs twice a day so you will probably be weaned off some of yours as well. I joined a gym about 9 months after my TX and i have not stopped, i go 6 days / week for a couple hrs a nite. I honestly believe this is keeping me relatively healthy. True what they say about exercise being good for the mind, body and spirit. Plus i was pretty close to the end before i got my transplant and lost most of my muscle and mass so i had to build up my strength. If you do the same make sure you start off real easy of you risk a incisional hernia. Very easy to get but not life threatening. So just go easy and work your way up. Took me almost 2 yrs to fit my watch i had worn before i got sick. So good luck with everything, stay healthy and all my best you in your future.


    1. Hi. Thanks for the message. Looks like you’ve been through a lot too! Great to hear that you are doing so well. I had my transplant 6 weeks ago and able to take walks around the woods nearby. I’m doing my best not to push myself as I’m fully aware that it will just lead to a step back.
      I used to go to the gym a lot but had to stop about a year ago. I was so exhausted all the time, even without doing any exercise. I can’t wait to get back into it.
      The photo of my morning meds was taken before my transplant. I’m now on more but have started reducing them down. Most likely be on the same amount as you now. 😊
      Thanks for your positive story. It really does help to hear from others experiences.
      Take care.

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      1. I am glad you found some comfort in it. Never get discouraged, Never lose faith, Never lose hope. For now your body has some adjusting to to because its still wondering what the heck is going on in here.! This is when they will or have been adjusting your meds according to your bodies requirements. The less meds the better. You will be back in the gym in no time when your ready. At least you were going before , i never used to go but the urging of my friend i joined. He showed my some stuff but i mostly just watched everyone at first and picked out the ones that actually looked like they knew what they were doing. haha. it was pretty funny, some people don’t know what the heck they are doing but at least they try. I just observed and checked out some you tube and away i went. Funny you mention you walk in the woods. I live in the city so when i was strong enough to go outside and walk , i started going down the street and back, then around the block and farther and farther. Then i added some weights ankle and wrist at a suggestion of my friend. So off to the store i went and wouldn’t you know it all they had were these ladies bright pink 5 lb wrist and ankle weights left. So i did not feel like running around shopping so i bought them and slapped them on for my walks. It was a little embarrassing and i had to laugh at myself because i must have looked funny walking down the street with these bright pink wrist and ankle weights on. I heard more than one motorist laughing as they drove by! But i was determined and it did not bother me, figured i went through a lot more than the laughs to hold me back. haha. Ahh little things that make you laugh that bring your spirit up. So cheers and keep up your great recovery.

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      2. What a good idea. I’ll get out my wrist and ankle weights when I’m ready to go. Just got to put a little more weight on now.
        Go you for not caring what others thought of you with the pink weights.
        Over the past 2 weeks I’ve really felt a huge difference in the amount of energy I have, less pain and generally more content. 🙂.
        Thanks for the message.
        Take care.

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  2. Hello Olivia ! Hope you are faring well. Did you slap on the wrist weights and do your walks? Well no rush , take your time. Once you strengthen up your abs to the point you won’t have to worry about giving yourself and incisional hernia you will be doing full blown fitness classes in no time. I think it took me almost a year before i didn’t need to nap at some point in the day so it takes time. Well thought i would drop you a quick note to say hi and see how you are. Take care.


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