24.05.18 – Part of the Furniture

Back on the ward for the 3rd time in 3 months. I’ve got a bit of a leaky liver from the cut edge. Split livers can often leak from the edge and time can only tell how long this will leak for. In the meantime I’ve got a stoma bag over a man-made wound allowing the fluid to collect in the bag. I’m back in again because I’ve developed an infection. Getting bored of this place now but it’s only a small price to pay for the liver I have received.

I’ve been seeing more friends and family recently. Caught up with Emily Mascall who I’ve practically grown up with. She’s a brilliant artist so spent the day doing a bit of painting/drawing. Emily’s Instagram

I’ve managed to paint a couple of things whilst I’ve been at home, along with baking Irish Soda Bread!

Hopefully only be back in hospital now for a couple more days so that I can spend time with my sister and her friends who are camping out in the wood. I wanted to bring Logan, but not sure I’ll be able to now. Hopefully get to see Nate out of hospital grounds too. I’ve got my car back now after Maya borrowed it. Now that it’s been valeted I’ve decided to order a dog backseat cover for it to stop mud and hair getting everywhere. If you know anything about husky’s, you’ll understand how much they malt.

I’ve just recently come back from London. I only spent a couple of days there. We had lots planned. I went to Portobello Road shopping with my mum, then went to V&A with Harriet to visit an exhibition called “The Future Starts Here“. I was quite fun and if you are into technology, and what we can look forward to in the future, then I’m sure you’d enjoy it. I managed to fit in dinner with family living in London. I’ll make another trip for friends and other family members I’ve missed out. I promise.

10 thoughts on “24.05.18 – Part of the Furniture

  1. Hi ya babe your looking lovley sorry to hear that you not been well hope your getting beta ive gone bk to work now so been learning my new role speak soon hunny love you lots xxx

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