07.09.20 – Post-lockdown

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been the best year, but I’m glad we are now in a better position. I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now since since lockdown began. It’s getting a bit tiring now. I’ve started to get home feeling either drained or defeated. Even though things have normalised a little with Covid, I still feel anxious about it all. We have good safety standards and protocols in place but there’s always one. It’s difficult to social distance whilst working in the health care industry at times but we’ve got to at least try. I feel like wearing a big badge saying ‘Keep 2 meters away. I’m high risk!’

I’m glad I’m not sheilding still. I did stupid things during lockdown due to boredom, one of which is bleaching my heir so much that it started to fall out. I thought my hair was invincible. It used to be so thick that I presumed it was insdestructable. I had to get it sorted ASAP so went to my local hair salon. The hairdresser turned out to have trained at the same salon and by the same guy as me back when I was 17/18. The guy who trained him is seriously good. I never let anyone else cut my hair apart from him when I was an apprentice at Toni&Guy. We were giggling together about the good all days. It’s so nice to reminisce about our time there. I don’t remember him because I think I left before he started, but we worked with the same lot. We just used to party all the time, live our best life. I do miss it, but not the wage, our boss or the late nights. I was paid £2/hr, working 40 hrs. Luckily I was living at my parents so I didn’t have bills to think about.

New hair:

The strangest this is that I had so much more energy then. I think back and get frustrated about how I was able to work longer hours. I have to let that go now because this was 11 years ago now but I’m happy about where I am now (most of the time) 😂

I found out that I will need another iron infusion due to my Pancytopenia (low platelets, white cell count and red blood cells) and anaemia. In particular, if you have low red blood cells, less oxygen is delivered around the body leading to less gas exchange and reduced amount of oxygen to the tissues. This now all makes sense as to why I’m feeling so exhausted! At least I know what’s causing my fatigue.

New hair and hard work. 👏🏼. Oh and a new project coming soon. 😉

From Monday 20th May 2020, the ‘opt-out’ system for organ donation was introduced. We are hoping that this will encourage the conversation between family’s, their wishes and beliefs. Hopefully more lives will be saved on waiting list for transplants.

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